Social Media, Public Relations, Website Services and Creative Content

The many different aspects of marketing today are inextricably linked. If you are writing copy for a campaign, you will want to convey that same message when pitching the press. If you are creating visual content, you will so often be conscious of how effective it will be for your social media.

Deborah Marx Management is an agency that was built upon a holistic approach. We relish the opportunity to work on all aspects of marketing and creative for our clients across multiple industries from tech to e-commerce to entertainment to fashion, from start-ups to household names. Founded in London, Los Angeles and Lisbon, we operate globally.

Social media marketing is often the cornerstone of an effective strategy. We specialise in organic and paid campaigns, and building relationships with brand ambassadors and influencers.

PR remains the single most important part of building brand credibility and visibility. Our expertise has been built on a consistent record of securing top tier coverage across online, print and broadcast media for our clients.

A website is usually the first impression someone will get of your business or brand. Whether you are an e-commerce start-up or a global business, we develop websites that are easy to navigate, aesthetically pleasing and articulate in communicating your message. 

The old adage of content being king has never been more true than in the era of social media. We specialise in writing, in graphic design including logos, in photography, in video and in audio content such as music and podcasts. Our creative is always tasteful and imaginative. 

Our marketing campaigns are always different. We tailor them specifically to each client, depending on their requirements in each of these key areas. What is consistent, however, is that, when it comes to marketing, we take the initiative and are proactive in our approach. Whether you are looking to build a brand, tell the world about what you do or scale your business, we are the marketing and creative agency you are looking for.